We now carry a selection of Highwater Clays  as well as a small selection of tools.  We also carry Glaze Materials that can be purchased by the pound.  If you are unsure of mixing your own glaze, just give your recipe to us and we can do the measuring for you as "dry materials" or for an additional small fee, the measuring and mixing into a liquid for dipping.  This is a service that we are happy to be able to provide to our customers, but you have to call a day or so in advance.  If you would like an itemized list of all of our glaze materials,  please send us an email:

Exciting News! Come on by and check out our new selection of Pottery Tools!
We also now carry Seger Pottery Tools!  Beautifully handcrafted tools made by local potter, Pamela Seger!  Come by and see them!

HIghwater Clays Currently in Stock:
**Prices subject to change. Contact the studio for current pricing**

Ellen Buff                     50lbs          
Brownstone                 50lbs          
Little Loafers               50lbs          
Speckled Brownstone  50lbs          
Riverside Grit               50lbs          
Red Rock                     50lbs         
Desert Buff                   50lbs          
Red Stone                    50lbs          
Bella's Blend                50 lbs         
White Earthenware      50 lbs         
Raku                            50lbs          
Earthen Red                50lbs          
Buncombe White         50lbs          
P5                                50lbs          
P10                              50lbs          
Loafer's Glory              50lbs          
Zella                             50lbs          
NEED CONES?  We now have the firing cones you need in STOCK!